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06 Mar *Private Post Offices Saving With “Usable” Postage
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Post offices around the country are increasing their profit margins by using “usable” postage. They aren’t suitable for resale because customers buying books and rolls want the postage to be in perfect brand new condition. But that doesn’t mean they ..
06 Mar *Postage Rates Increase January 21, 2018
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USPS is raising their rates for Forever stamps and other postage on January 21, 2018. This is the perfect time to stock up before the rates increase! The announcement from is below.Not only will you be saving by purchasing your postage befor..
06 Mar *It’s Santa time. Here’s how it works.
Letters are arriving at Santa’s workshop from all over the country. Postal elves are busy reading and prepping them so they can be posted on are so excited — USPS Operation Santa is now open for registration and identity ver..
06 Mar *Stocking Up On Postage Stamps
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Do you remember the story of the Squirrel & The Grasshopper? The squirrel worked all summer collecting nuts to stock up for the winter, while the grasshopper just played all day. And well, without being too graphic, we know what happened to the procr..
06 Mar *Postal products, services and solutions that simplify your season
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The holidays are joyful, exciting, and heart-warming. They are also crazy, chaotic, and stressful. We know! We’ve been helping holidays happen for a long time and we’ve learned some things along the way:We’ve learned that even when we decorate for th..
06 Mar *History of Christmas stamps
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The Postal Service has helped celebrate Christmas with festive, seasonal stamps since 1962 when it issued its first Christmas stamp. Although customers had been asking for Christmas stamps for years, the first designs sparked controversy.The first “C..
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